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Homeless in Lumpini Park

3 or 4 Bangkok Parks Worth a Visit (and How to Get There!)

We visited

  • Chatuchak Park, home of the Weekend Market;
  • Lumpini Park, home of large Monitor Lizards; and
  • Santiphab Park, home of an elaborate fountain.

If you’re looking for a relaxing activity, consider taking the BTS to one of the parks in Bangkok. Here are three (plus one) to consider. [Read More...]

Longoum and Chrysanthenum juice

The Weekend Market: We Shouldn’t Have…

We were trying to avoid the crowds. This was not the place to be.
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US Passports

Save Money: 4 Tips When You Renew Your Passport

A lot has changed in the last 10 years.

  1. Choose between a passport book or passport card.
  2. Take your own photo.
  3. Renew by mail. Use a traceable delivery method.
  4. Give yourself enough time.

Let’s count the savings.

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The Journey…

The shadows of prison

Will You Visit Me in Prison

He said to me, “You know you can come and see me in here.” I knew I could. I knew I would.
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In God We Trust

Do Not Be Afraid of Change

I was coming out of a night’s sleep, eyes closed, not yet awake. I gazed detached at a handful of coins placed in front of me. Someone spoke, “Do not be afraid of change.”

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A lone pear blossom: I Stand

Why Do You Have Hope?

Before you read further, consider this question, and find the answer unique to your heart. Write it down.
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A Picture’s Worth…

Partial Solar Eclipse

Rare Sunset Solar Eclipse Thursday 10/23

There was the blood moon on October 8th, the jack-o-lantern sun later that day, and now a rare sunset solar eclipse Thursday. What’s going on up there in the sky?

8October14 Blood Moon

Blood Moon

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 6:17 am CT. The tail end of the total eclipse. Were you up for it?

Man Walking in Assisi, Italy

Hanging on Someone Else’s Wall

This man has hung on my wall for 8 years. I have no idea who he is. He reminds me of what it was like in Assisi: cobblestone walkways, colorful potted flowers, and a sense of peace. Could you be hanging on a stranger’s wall, too?

Yellow Onion

Allium Cepa Harvest

I love the color variation in these onions. What do you see?