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    Once upon a time you took a journey down a long, long hallway with many doors. When you finally arrived,

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    you realized your bags were laden with excess clothes, shoes, books and things you never needed!

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    Until a light inside began to shine so bright

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    that you abandoned that baggage for something more beautiful, a resurrected inner cathedral.

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The Latest from Travel…

Poland and Divine Mercy

Saint Maria Faustina was given a prayer for mercy right here in Lagiewniki, Poland. [Read More…]

Kangaroo Sanctuary; Alice Springs, Australia

Satisfaction is holding a joey at sunset in the Australian outback, no hurry, kangaroos everywhere and a happy mother. [Read More…]

Dinner in the Bush; Alice Springs, Australia

Dinner in the bush sounded like a wild adventure. What do you imagine the bush would be like? [Read More…]

The Journey…

The Power of a Short Prayer

Have you ever wondered if your prayers go anywhere? Do they matter?

[Read More…]

The Anatomy of a Sin

I am not sure what’s more important—that the Lord is alive, guiding my life and yours or that sin has a pattern and understanding it can destroy temptation. I love having one up on the devil.
[Read More…]

Seven Ways to Fail at Love

Will I ever learn to love all the animals in the barnyard? It is not as easy as it seems.
[Read More…]

A Picture’s Worth…

Do You Love Me?

Feeling far away from God? Unloved? Unwanted? Rejected. Abandoned. These are just two of the deadly wounds we each share.

Can You Embrace Mistakes?

Have you had a piece of humble pie? If you eat it right, it’s sweeter than you’d think. Could that be true?

Morning Light

The sky at sunrise this morning.

Hanging on Someone Else’s Wall

This man has hung on my wall for 8 years. I have no idea who he is. He reminds me of what it was like in Assisi: cobblestone walkways, colorful potted flowers, and a sense of peace. Could you be hanging on a stranger’s wall, too?