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    Let the light stream down on your path. You’re going somewhere. It might as well be illuminated.

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    At the moment, I’m writing about Thailand and local adventures not that far from home.

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    Do you make time for the inner journey? You can take that trip any day.  

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    A picture is worth a thousand words. What are you saying with yours?

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The Latest from Travel…

Perfect bluy sky, puffy white cloud day

Douglas Rail Trail: Pine Island to Rochester, MN

I loved this paved trail through farm country. It gave me that feeling of getting away from it all, without going too far.
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Bathing an elephant in the river

Elephants Bathe at Maesa Elephant Camp

We arrived at the bathing platform early enough to stand in the corner next to the red ants. A Japanese tourist gestured with his head and both hands in warning, “No, Ninja!” We knew what he meant.
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Men on a Bankok street

A Reason to Wander

Just because you don’t know where you are, doesn’t mean you’re lost.

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The Journey…

In God We Trust

Do Not Be Afraid of Change

I was coming out of a night’s sleep, eyes closed, not yet awake. I gazed detached at a handful of coins placed in front of me. Someone spoke, “Do not be afraid of change.”
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A lone pear blossom: I Stand

Why Do You Have Hope?

Before you read further, consider this question, and find the answer unique to your heart. Write it down.
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Confessional in Naples, Italy

How to Make a Confession

Are there things you’ve done—that you wish you could wipe the slate clean, and begin again?

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A Picture’s Worth…

Painted Daisies, Bright Pink Pyrethrum

Painted Daisies at Garden’s Gate

These flowers were accidentally delivered to our house one spring. The seed company said we could keep them even though we didn’t order the 3 plants that arrived. It’s one of my favorites. 

Love on a rain-soaked fence

Hearts on a Fence

It rained for days, and look what showed up. What images have you found and where have you found them?

Baby mouse

Pinky’s Secret [Video]

Pinky’s Secret is a story about love, and the {secret} common denominator that allows everything to fall away, except Love. Please watch the video.

Spirit Trees in Thailand

Spirit Trees

Colorful strips of silky cloth adorn a large tree. A spirit resides here. These ribbon-wrapped trees abound in Thailand. Spirits are everywhere.