A Season of Gratitude

We celebrated Thanksgiving this year in the country. After eating, we went outside for a walk in the woods. Exploring. Looking for something beautiful.

Live Turkey Thanksgiving

It had been snowing all afternoon and everything was beginning to turn white. The first snow is always a little magical. The first snow that sticks. We overlooked the howling gusts of wind and trudged onward through the grasses and onto a gravel road. There were a few corn stocks still standing in a field. I love to look upward to see those snowflakes coming from eternity.

We didn’t come upon these turkeys until we were driving home. There was a large flock of them. It was the first time I saw a turkey fly. It was snowing. It was magical. It was beautiful. A gift.

To be a living turkey in the woods on Thanksgiving day is a wonderful symbol of gratitude. Celebrating with the turkeys today.

It’s a Beautiful World! What are you grateful for today?
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  1. What a beautiful image and a observation.

  2. Thanks, Kathy.

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