Poland and Divine Mercy

Saint Maria Faustina was given a prayer for mercy right here in Lagiewniki, Poland. [Read more…]

The Power of a Short Prayer

Have you ever wondered if your prayers go anywhere? Do they matter?

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Kangaroo Sanctuary; Alice Springs, Australia

Satisfaction is holding a joey at sunset in the Australian outback, no hurry, kangaroos everywhere and a happy mother. [Read more…]

Dinner in the Bush; Alice Springs, Australia

Dinner in the bush sounded like a wild adventure. What do you imagine the bush would be like? [Read more…]

The Anatomy of a Sin

I am not sure what’s more important—that the Lord is alive, guiding my life and yours or that sin has a pattern and understanding it can destroy temptation. I love having one up on the devil.
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Do You Love Me?

You are unrepeatable & irreplaceable.

Feeling far away from God? Unloved? Unwanted? Rejected. Abandoned. These are just two of the deadly wounds we each share. [Read more…]