Allium Cepa Harvest

Yellow Onion

I love the color variation in these onions. What do you see?
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Field of wild flowers

You are in a field of wildflowers.

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Mary in the Winery’s Rose Garden

Virgin Mary in the Rose GardenShe was a life-sized Blessed Virgin Mary carved from a tree in the Sovereign Estate Winery garden. It was as if she really stood there. You’d have to see for yourself.

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Hot Steaming Red Potatoes

Hot steaming red potatoes

Fresh from the Earth. It was as if I could taste the sunshine that grew them.
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Painted Daisies at Garden’s Gate

Painted Daisies, Bright Pink Pyrethrum

These flowers were accidentally delivered to our house one spring. The seed company said we could keep them even though we didn’t order the 3 plants that arrived. It’s one of my favorites. 

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Hearts on a Fence

Hearts on a fence

It rained for days, and look what showed up. What images have you found and where have you found them?

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