The Power of a Short Prayer

Have you ever wondered if your prayers go anywhere? Do they matter?

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The Anatomy of a Sin

I am not sure what’s more important—that the Lord is alive, guiding my life and yours or that sin has a pattern and understanding it can destroy temptation. I love having one up on the devil.
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Seven Ways to Fail at Love

Will I ever learn to love all the animals in the barnyard? It is not as easy as it seems.
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When I Find Myself in Times of Trouble

Turbulence, delayed flights, close connections, storms, danger, illness and feeling terrible. What do you do when you need help?
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Christmas in a Barn

There was a steady stream of cars that turned onto the muddy farm road. Christmas music played on the radio.
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Prayer for the Dying

You might not be a Catholic. You might not be a Christian. Consider this a journey into those foreign lands with a prayer for the dying. [Read more…]