Exploring Cairns, Australia

Warning: You will be exposed to images of the Great Barrier Reef.

Just over the International Dateline the plane took a drop. If there was ever a need for Divine Mercy, a big dose of turbulence was it.

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Australia & New Zealand: From the Outback to the Glaciers

It is as beautiful as they say – the scenery, the animals, the views from the plane…
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Release Your Inner Turtle

Tom posed with a ball of cotton string atop his head, closed his eyes and made a wish. 
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Lost? An Ayutthaya Map

Here’s a look at this gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage site. Here’s a map so you’ll know where to find the bathroom and the bus… because we didn’t.
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3 or 4 Bangkok Parks Worth a Visit (and How to Get There!)

We visited

  • Chatuchak Park, home of the Weekend Market;
  • Lumpini Park, home of large Monitor Lizards; and
  • Santiphab Park, home of an elaborate fountain.

If you’re looking for a relaxing activity, consider taking the BTS to one of the parks in Bangkok. Here are three (plus one) to consider. [Read more…]

The Weekend Market: We Shouldn’t Have…

We were trying to avoid the crowds. This was not the place to be.
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