Deadheaded Flower Bouquet

I wondered why I was throwing away these beautiful deadheads. Were they done?

Deadheaded Flower Bouquet

I gathered a few in my hand and had an image of myself as Morticia Addams in a long black dress standing elegantly in the grass path of the garden. Hmm. These really are pretty. Some yellow, some red. Some with wilted or missing flower pedals. This was my inspiration.

So I gathered them up. Sprayed off the dirt, then put them in a vase that I set next to the lounge chair outside. Morticia would have liked it.

It’s a beautiful world. How do you express your creativity?
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  1. I really look forward to seeing your posts. This is a fabulous fit for you and a great way to share your ideas.


  2. Kathy, thanks for sharing the <3 LOVE <3 !

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