Do You Love Me?

You are unrepeatable & irreplaceable.

Feeling far away from God? Unloved? Unwanted? Rejected. Abandoned. These are just two of the deadly wounds we each share. These wounds are the identity lies that are true of the demons that whisper them in your ears and mine, but they are not true of us in Christ.  They give us a taste of hell while we’re living. Hell—the complete separation from God—that loveless, painful place we all battle to avoid and wound others to claw our way out of it.

When you feel these things remember where they come from. Will a deceiver ever give it to you straight? Do you go to a liar to decipher the truth? Sometimes we do, but not today.

Contemplative Prayer

Close your eyes. In that feeling of being unloved, abandoned and rejected…

  • Invite the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, and/or the Holy Family – Joseph, Mary and Jesus, in close.
  • Call them.
  • Call them again,
  • and yet again until you can imagine them there.
  • In fact, call them for five hours if you have to.
  • There’s no sense in giving up before you’ve gotten started.
  • Once they show up, say, “Look at this!”
  • and tell your story.
  • What do your advocates say? or do?

When we call upon Christ he is present with us. Christ is the Divine Physician who charges nothing for his services.

Help me, Jesus! Heal me! The deceiver’s got me in a tail spin.

The Truer True when You’re Blue

You are so important that you are unrepeatable and irreplaceable. There is no one who will ever be like you and there is something you were made for that no one else can do. Oh, come on, you can do it!

Oh little one, if you could only believe.

Workshops on Healing

Check out Healing The Whole Person at the It’s an experiential workshop in healing and many participants have a deep encounter with the Trinity.


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  1. I do love you!! Great article Marie – your articles are always so thought provoking!!

  2. Cheryl Stein says:

    Thanks Marie!

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