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Is it possible that every solution is hidden within the problem? This post is about how to restore your missing mobile data toggle switch [Video] after the Android 4.3 update, or how to have more faith, while you look for a truer True.

Restore your mobile data toggle switch

If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done. ~ Thomas Jefferson

It Was Deader Than a Doorknob

I sat in a red Fury III, and turned the key. Click. I was 90 miles from home, and scheduled to work in three hours. I turned the key again. Click. And again. The engine was dead.

Tom, my boyfriend at the time, told me it wasn’t going to start.

Eventually, through persistence, it started. Even though I had to go to the bathroom, I left immediately, and drove home without stopping. I knew the car wouldn’t start again.

The mechanic said it was a stroke of luck that it started at all. There must have been one little spark of life left in the starter. Me, I had complete faith the car would start. It was just a matter of when.

Searching For a Truer True

Knowledge is useful, except when it’s faulty. It’s a good thing I didn’t know the starter had gone out. I would have given up. I wouldn’t have gotten home in time.

Let It, GO!

The stories we tell ourselves can be the problem. They keep us from finding a solution. Those stories might include false information about:

  1. the way things work,
  2. ourselves,
  3. the situation,
  4. a relationship,
  5. others, or
  6. what is possible.

I love this illustration by Kristin Noelle. Sometimes, there are stories we need to let go, before we can move into a place of faith and trust. Set Free by Kristen Noelle

Have a Little Faith

This is the problem solving structure I’ve been exploring:

  1. Embrace trust and faith in the situation. There is a solution. It can, and will emerge.
  2. Accept it as it is, without abandoning or leaving the problem (or the solution) all together.
  3. Realize I may not understand what this means at all, until it becomes clear.
  4. Welcome everyone involved in the situation.
  5. Let go of the stories that keep me from peace, trust, and faith.
  6. Return to 1 – 5, if I start to blame someone or something for the situation.
  7. Consider that I may feel uncomfortable, because I am letting go of control.
  8. Let go of the problem. There is a greater Problem Solver. I need to do my part, but not all of it.
How to Restore Your Mobile Data Toggle Switch After the Android 4.3 Update

The other day, while using this process, I discovered the mobile data toggle switch that seemed to have been removed with the Android 4.3 update.

I looked for the solution for one problem, and found another. It’s the second of three examples here, where the solution was hidden within the problem.

Share this with your Android friends. They will love you a little more.

Give It a Shot

Yesterday, I used Google Maps to get home. It took me on a path I was so unfamiliar with, that I pulled over to see if I had entered the wrong destination. No, it was right. With some hesitation, I let it lead me.

Surprisingly, it took me on roads I had never been on. There was little traffic, even in rush hour. I got home in the same time it would have taken me in no traffic at all, and it was a peaceful ride home. I call that a miracle.

If you want to find something different, you have to do something different.

What solution have you found hiding within a problem?

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