How to Stretch Your Travel Dollar with Shared Spaces

There are ways to stretch your travel dollar even at a luxury resort.

Shared Space

Shared Space

We recently traveled to the Larsmont Cottages on the North Shore in Minnesota. It’s a gorgeous resort set right on Lake Superior. To stretch your dollar, stay in the Cottage Guest Room and enjoy all of the amenities of the resort. Add to your living space by using the common spaces.

We discovered this secret last winter when we traveled to Austin, MN and enjoyed their fireplace, couch and endless cup of tea on a cold and stormy weekend. Read about that here.

At this resort, the Cottage Guest Room is the least expensive room. Although it faces away from the lake, I realized it was perfectly situated to see if the Northern lights are out! I was on a mission to see them, so took particular note of this bonus.

Let’s talk about the community spaces. In our three night stay, these are some of the things we did. The first night was a Thursday night. Tom and I went down to the fire pit by the lake that has quite a few chairs and a few tables. There didn’t happen to be anyone else around. There’s an endless supply of firewood. It’s peaceful to sit and listen to the waves on the shoreline.

The next night, we shared that same space with two other couples and had a great time telling stories. Earlier in the evening, I checked out the Finnish Sauna that happened to be right next to our building. It’s heated by a burning wood stove and was so relaxing. To get the full Finnish experience, go jump into the lake after a steam. I didn’t do this, but there were legends about it around the camp fire.

The third night, we gathered around the main fire pit next to the lodge. There was a woman, a guitar, song books and musical instruments. I was brave. I sang loud. Tom played the egg. It was a little like being a girl scout again. We celebrated someone’s birthday and a couple’s anniversary. We were also closer to the smore supplies located in the silver bucket – chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows. Yum!

A couple got a drink from the bar and sat in the large gathering area next to the fireplace in the main lodge. The chairs looked comfortable. There were games to play and books to read. We checked out the indoor pool, the four season outdoor whirlpool and the exercise room. Many of the common spaces were quiet. That’s what we’ve noticed. So before this catches on, join us and take advantage of the common spaces.

Next time you’re feeling the need to get away, consider an inexpensive room and take advantage of the shared spaces available to everyone.

What are your thoughts on shared spaces? What are your experiences in using them?

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