Kayaks at Sunrise

Colorful Kayaks at SunriseColorful kayaks at sunrise at the Larsmont Cottages on Lake Superior.


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  1. Marie, your blog is wonderfully written. Love the depth and even the name “Inner Cathedral.” And is this your photography? I’m impressed! Wondering what you use – camera, apps? That might make a nice post : )

    • Hi Liz, thanks so much for your warm words and detail of what you like here. It’s particularly delightful to me that you posted this on a photo that I took with my cell phone. We were on a trip to northern Minnesota and me and my camera (and my husband) were swamped in a canoe just a few days earlier. I was bummed. My blog was new and I was hoping to take some beautiful photos there. Instead of running out immediately and getting a new camera I used what I had for most of that trip, which was my cell phone. There are just a few photos I have not taken on the blog and I give the photographer credit in the post. The photos that are not identified are mine. I started giving myself credit in the photos when I started using other people’s photos. Thanks for the suggestion. I will oblige you. Look for a post on photography and what I use in the coming days.

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