Letting Go

We found a nice spot to watch the sunset, somewhere nearby up on a hill.

Letting Go

It’s a little surprising there are no houses here, but as a result we can see the sun descend below the horizon with nature all around. It feels like a barren field. Most of the leaves have fallen from the maple trees, much too early. It is dry. The grass is brown. The weeds are brown.

Today’s post is about letting go. Letting go of an outcome. Letting go of responsibility that was never really mine. I stepped away from this place and let go of these things today. As I moved away, I felt a weight lift from my shoulders. I was relieved. The anger I had because I could not fix the situation melted away too. It was freeing, a burden lifted. I mourned the loss of what would not be. So many feelings, none of them staying because feelings are transient – as they should be – constantly moving.

So tonight I asked Tom if he wanted to go to the hill top and watch the sunset. The day sank below the horizon, and it lit up the sky. A fitting ending for such a day. There is no better gift than the gift of transformation. It makes the soul clearer.

It’s a beautiful world. What would give you more freedom if you let go of it?
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  1. Beautiful sunset and something to ponder.

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