Light in the Darkness

It was a big day of new beginnings.


I registered for my first twitter account and created a blog, my first, all in the matter of an afternoon while celebrating the 4th of July. This is a fitting picture for a new beginning, an explosion of light. It was too hot to go outside. These two ideas bubbled to the surface on a day when there could be no puttering in the yard, the guidance of life by circumstance. Simmering thoughts were now ready to be served.

We spent the early evening hours with our adopted local family. Immigrants from Greece, their first generation children and second generation grandchildren. We ate Greek food except for the hamburgers. There was no picnic this year. It was too hot. We ate inside in the air conditioning on a big, long table. There was acknowledgment of 236 years of celebrating Independence Day, one of the young ones not so interested in the math. At 8pm we went our separate ways to watch the fireworks.

We arrived early to a sit on the hill and spread our blanket out to mark a temporary lay of the land. This year there were pillows and water and reading material. Comfortable. We were surrounded by bug spray. We didn’t need to apply any of our own. It had cooled to a mere 93 degrees, down from the heat of the day. It wasn’t bad laying on a blanket.

The fireworks arrived faithfully at 9:55 as the John Phillips Sousa band played the last verse of Stars and Strips Forever. I snapped pictures with the fireworks setting on my camera. This too is faithful. I’m not sure if that’s cheating in the photography world, but I like that someone figured out how to get a good picture.

Even though there was nothing lacking in the display, there was only one “Ooh” from the crowd. It arrived when one of the fireworks made a smiley face. This was the year that a lot of debris fell from the sky. Sometimes big chunks, but nothing was burning by the time it hit the ground or our heads. I’ll consider that to be a blessing of sorts. A christening. After all, the fireworks were at least in my mind partially in celebration for my first twitter account and first blog. It was a big day for me in a quiet kind of way. A path made by the heat of the day. The guidance of life is mysterious like that. Sometimes a stream of light. Sometimes a noise. Sometimes nothing and then it’s just there all of a sudden, like a burst of light. This is the standard operating mode of the Guidance of Light in the darkness.

It’s a beautiful world. How have you been guided by the circumstances in your life?
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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. Congrats on a beautiful site.

  2. Thanks, Tom!

  3. Lisa Robb says:

    Hi Marie,
    Congrats on the blog – beautiful!

  4. Thanks, Lisa! Stop by for a garden tour post sometime later today.

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