Me and The Wood

I didn’t expect to be sawing wood on a humid, 97 degree day when I got up this morning. Sometimes life lends an unexpected excitement to the day. I am a strong, competent and flexible woman.

It all started this afternoon. I was working on a blog post. I was missing a few pictures so I went out to the garden. While I was out there I heard a loud bang, the neighbor closing the shed door perhaps. I got photos and came back inside only to realize I didn’t have the memory card in the camera. So I went back outside to take pictures, again. This time a cracking sound came from the other neighbor’s yard. I was quite perplexed as to what someone might be doing. It was an unsettling sound, but maybe it was just the wind. Closing the garden gate I heard a snap. I looked up to the top of the utility pole next to the garden and saw a burst of light. A large branch was rubbing against the power line and making sparks. I went inside, found an old electric bill and called the power company. All was good, at least for a few hours.

An hour and a half later the power went out. I called the electric company, again. Not wanting to open the refrigerator door, I went out to eat. I went to the Y to finish the rowing for the Lazyman Triathalon which I could have done on a different day. I went to get gas for my car that I couldn’t have done on another day without running out of gas. I paid inside due to a new trend of credit card swipers being placed in gas pumps. It was safest to pay inside. I was waiting patiently behind an older woman who was trying to hurry to get her things into a bag and get her billfold back into her purse. A woman came up behind me with two bags of ice dripping on the floor. “I guess the cooler can’t keep up,” she said. I let her go ahead of me in line. I had quite a bit of patience. This seemed to surprise the woman with the ice as well as the clerk behind the register. It made an impression. They both paused for a moment. I came home. There were two power trucks driving away from the front of the yard as I pulled up. I went back to look.

No Damage in the Garden

Burnt Wood

Too heavy to lift

Storm damage? No, utility men. The branch in the garden was so heavy I couldn’t lift it. 95% of what was trimmed away from the power line fell into our yard. I got busy sawing on this balmy, 97 degree and humid evening. Not what I expected when I woke up, but I am strong. I am flexible. I am competent. I got the logs sawed up in an hour and 15 minutes and it took me another 1/2hr to bundle them all up, all before the husband got home from work. I am thankful to say that although the branch fell right on the potatoes it didn’t even seem like a stem was broken. That’s a bit of a miracle. There were a few leaves of the delicata squash that look like they got stomped on, but nothing too severe. After a little commotion, all is well again tonight in the garden.

It’s a beautiful world full of unexpected twists and turns. How are you strong, flexible or competent when a heavy “branch” falls in your “garden?”
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  1. It’s nice to be married to such a strong woman. Bravo.

  2. Catherine says:

    lol love it. Great job. Is there any way I can get you to visit? Lots of broken heavy branches in the woods from last winters snow storm !!! 😉

  3. Cathy, I’m the cost of a plane ticket, room and board. 🙂

  4. What is so amazing about this post is how calm and centered you sounded through the whole thing. You took care of business. It is a beautiful world with lots of unexpected twists and turns.

  5. Thanks for your comment that plodding about one’s day accepting what is, is amazing, Kim. 🙂

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