I noticed a caterpillar the other day as I walked out of my sister’s house. I am not sure why it caught my eye. There were many other things to notice. There was something different about it. Exactly what, I don’t remember except that it was very fat.


The next day it had spun itself into a chrysalis. It hung just outside the doorway by a thin, black string. Fragile. In our business of going in and out we stopped to admire it. Bent down. On our knees.

It was breathtakingly beautiful. A shiny, green cocoon dabbled with gold – gilded in perfect little droplets. It reminded me of paintings of religious art.  Gold calling forth the presence of God heightening the effect of other-worldliness and transcendence. A fitting color for change. A fitting color for honor. How did this cradle of transfiguration get these colors and subtle patterns hinting at the shape of a wing?

Words are rarely as beautiful as what they describe, but metamorphosis has wings of its own. Sight and sound merged. Metamorphosis, the process of changing form. Sometimes life is like being wrapped in a cocoon on a path that feels like walking in the dark – thrust into transformation – knowing, hoping, praying, believing there will be something beautiful on the other side. This is what the caterpillar teaches us. It reminds of us to live in faithfulness and trust.

It’s a beautiful world. What is being transformed in your life?
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  1. What a welcome…and beautiful…way to begin the day.

  2. Good morning to you, Kathy. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Welcome back!

  4. Thanks, Lana 🙂

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