Once in a Blue Moon

The Face of the Blue Moon

We anticipated the blue moon. It happens rarely so we looked forward to it like the gift that it was. Clouds of the evening rolled in. Perhaps it wouldn’t show, but my dad said, “Look! There it is!” We charge to the window. “Can you see his face?” He asked. The man in the moon was smiling, if you looked just right with a little imagination.

We watched it change. Over a few hours we witnessed it in frames of clouds and in changing shades of the evening sky.

Gretchen got out the binoculars. We were surprised by the level of detail. Patterns. Swirls. Atmosphere. We looked for shapes. A face. A rabbit. I wondered, could I take a picture through binoculars? What if we had a telescope? It looked so different up close.


Tree Frog

On this same night as we were in and out, Cheryl announced there was a huge toad out front. I didn’t expect it to be yellowish brown. It had remnants of insects on it’s face not unlike enjoying a bowl of chocolate ice cream. It looked back at me with a sleepy gaze. Relaxed.

At this time of year, frogs are out on the back deck or stuck to the window. We found one right next to the door, a tree frog with it’s suction cup fingers and toes. This one blended in with the siding. We looked at it and it looked back at us, too. It was a wonderful evening of exploring nature and how wonderful it was to be together.

It’s a beautiful world. What are you watching and what’s watching you?
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