Postcards from God

Heart Shaped Lake

Little signs of what was, is now, and forever shall be.

Back in June 2010, I made a collage. It was a visual depiction of what I was curious about, what I hoped for, and what was most important to me.

What Was

It was almost completely pictorial. There was one photo I called a postcard to God.

It was a breathtaking heart-shaped island, outlined by green palm trees. It was set in the tranquil blue ocean. On it I wrote, “Remind me how much you love me.”

Is Now

This past May, I sat in a window seat, somewhere between San Diego and Minneapolis, snapping pictures of the ever-changing landscape below. Over farm land, there was this heart-shaped lake.

I thought to myself, Oh my God. That’s exactly like the picture I have on my vision board. The thrill of recognition surfaced.

And Forever Shall Be

A postcard from God. It was one of the few pictures that turned out that day. Look. Isn’t it beautiful.

It’s a Beautiful World. Have you noticed your own postcard from God?
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