Salt Reflects the Sea in Winter [Photo]

Dehydrated Salt Patterns Look Like the Sea [Photo]

It’s been frigidly cold here the last couple of days in Minnesota. Salt was put down to melt the ice and was carried into the garage on the car wheel wells. One afternoon, I was surprised to find an intricate pattern of the sea after the water evaporated. A gift in the middle of winter.

image credit: Memories of the Sea ©2013 Marie LaForce


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  1. I’ve been thinking about this delicate image and the story you tell of how you noticed it. It occurs to me there is so much to notice, everywhere, in unexpected times and places. And this is a huge idea – so many insights and progress in different fields – art, science, medicine – can be traced back to somebody noticing something a little bit different, and pausing to notice the beauty, and finding curious connections.

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