The Power of a Short Prayer

Have you ever wondered if your prayers go anywhere? Do they matter?

Have the prayers I’ve prayed had any effect? Or was this just the course of things?

Once my brother was put into a coma to stop the seizures he began to have after a routine medical procedure, the cause still a mystery. After they stopped the coma inducing medication, he wasn’t waking up. The doctors said this wasn’t a good sign. Did he come out of the coma and recover because he was going to anyway or was it the result of many prayers of mine and others that were prayed?

Or the time my brother-in-law, 31 years old had a brain stem stroke. The doctors pulled my sister aside and said it didn’t look good. I said, “Elaine! Don’t listen to them! We have to pray!” He can ride a bike now.

There are times in life that are so beyond our own control that a prayer wells up that must be said. Can my puff of air into the wind and yours really change the path of the storm? Now, I wonder if prayer might be much more powerful than I imagined.

This short video (watch through 1 minute and 35 seconds) tells of a time that prayer had a profound of effect on a woman not even know by the man who prayed.

He forgot about the entire thing, until she called out to this stranger on the street and told him this story.

Do you wonder what someone’s short prayer may have done for you or yours for them? Have you had an experience of the effect of prayer in your life?

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  1. Cheryl Stein says:

    Thanks Marie! Yes, prayer is powerful and it heals.

  2. Lori Anne says:

    Beautiful. Divinity in the everyday, indeed.

  3. Yes, sometimes it is easy to forget to stop and do this – especially during a time when there is a lot of drama in people’s lives.

  4. Judy Sullivan says:

    Thanks Marie❗ I find this message to be very encouraging.

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