Valentine’s Day [photo card]

Thanks for reading, Valentine

Thanks for reading. Thanks for your comments. Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Image credit: Doodles of Gratitude 2014 Marie LaForce

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  1. What happened to all the great input? Not so great? 🙂

    • Oh, no. The input was great. It will probably come out on another day. The blog post had too many different directions and needed to be worked on. I helped Tom with something he was writing, went to a meeting, and went out to lunch yesterday, so I didn’t have time to work on the post. I know it looks like an easy thing to write. Perhaps it looks like it doesn’t take any effort, but I spend quite a bit of time writing and polishing what I hope is a good, interesting and helpful post. Another day there will be a more in depth story about love, including examples of how would you know that someone cared about you. What they would do or say or how they would show you or what they wouldn’t do at all. Infact, that’s a good question for this post and can be answered in the comment section below. If you’re reading this, I’m inviting you to comment with your answer – How would you (how do you) know when someone cares about you? What do they do, say or how do they show you? Thanks for the inspiration, Cheryl.

  2. Hi Marie – In answer to your question, I know that care is shown through time taken – time taken to talk to someone with full attention, to uncover my genuine thoughts and feelings on topic, to write – be it a blog post, story or letter – that gets close to what I need and want to say.

    I always feel a bit more alive when I can sense that someone has given time and attention to take care of our mutual relationship, likewise; I am heartened when they give time and attention or to respond to themselves.

    Happy Valentine’s day, dear heart.

    • Melissa, your post is a great illustration of care, of talking about something and doing it at the same time. I feel so centered and calm when I read it. I am guessing that is the place you wrote it from. Your reflection rings true and has the sound of joy.

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