Was She an Angel?

Tom was just coming out of the biff as two women passed us on the trail.

Was She An AngelThey both had dogs. I put out my hand in greeting to the black lab. His owner, a woman with shoulder-length, blond hair smiled and laughed. She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. There was nothing significant about our encounter.

Tom and I got back on our bikes and headed down the trail in the opposite direction. About 15 minutes later we encountered the same woman with the black lab. She was walking this time in the same direction that we were heading. Her friend was gone, just her and the black lab. Same blond hair, same face, same clothes–15 minutes down the trail by bike in the opposite direction. Scratching my head.

These were a few of the questions that were running through my mind. Was she an angel? Tom thought maybe she got a lift. Why was she back on the trail walking in the opposite direction? If she was “back at home” she walked a long way with her friend earlier. Why was she back on the trail?  There could be an earthly explanation. Maybe I should have stopped to ask. Maybe I should have taken her picture.

And later I remembered a conversation I had with God last night before I went to sleep. Could you show yourself to me tomorrow in some way? I don’t ask for big things all the time. I had forgotten about this until I was trying to decide if she was an angel or not. I don’t seek angels. I don’t long to see them, but on occasion I do wonder if someone I meet is one. We can all make such a big impact on one another from time to time.

So I sat on my lounge chair and asked God, “Was that the answer to my prayer last night?” I listened. I waited. Nothing. God often does not answer my little questions, but often answers my prayers.

It’s a beautiful world. Have you ever encountered someone who seemed like an angel?
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  1. Hi Marie,

    I like your impression. Symbolically a woman walking carefree and enjoying the day with a true best friend — her dog. Dogs are loyal – -people may come and go, as noticed when you ran into the woman again with only her dog.

    Maybe the two sightings were to enjoy time and know that no matter what path you take you can always forge a new path.

    I like the thought of angels walking among us. We could all use an angelic guide: )

    • Marie LaForce Marie LaForce says:

      That’s such a hopeful thought, Elana that no matter what path you take, you can always forge a new one if needed.

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