When is a Lazyman Not so Lazy?

The Lazyman Triathalon has been going now for a few weeks. June 15th to July 27th. That’s 6 weeks to log:

2.5 swimming or rowing miles

112 cycling miles

26.2 walk/run miles

What’s the motivation? A free t-shirt and summer fitness.

We were quite excited to find this new discovery, Strava. It’s a tool you can use on your phone or GPS device. It sure makes it easier when we’re trying to log miles. Being the honest and hard working people that we are, we’re earning our t-shirts fair and square.

Sometimes tools make all the difference

All you need is a garmin, iphone or android. Load the Strava app onto your device. Turn it on before your activity of walking/biking/running and when you get home you upload the data to the computer. We especially like it because it doesn’t use any data when you’re out for a ride. We’re a little geeky when it comes to the stats. It shows your distance, the elevation change in feet, your moving time (with a pause feature if you stop to smell the roses), and calories burned. It gives a cool elevation chart and shows your speed through some of the popular segments of the ride you’re on. You’ve got to check it out for yourself. We love the YMCA, and we love Strava.

It’s a beautiful world. What do you use to track your workout?
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  1. My Lazy Man partner and I used Map My Ride (May My Fitness) to track and she really liked the voiced progress updates as you were riding.

    And come on – the t-shirt is SO worth it!

  2. Who wouldn’t be motivated by a t-shirt? Voiced progress. That sounds interesting. (Map My Fitness)

  3. I think the whole voice thing might freak me out. Plus I can’t hear with the wind whipping in my helmet.

  4. Strava…I have to download it stat!

    Nice job on the Tri!

  5. Tom and I love it, Jeanna. It’s fun and it’s motivating. We use it when we’re walking, biking, etc. I finished the tri on the same day I spent cutting up branches last week. Looking forward to a new t-shirt! Whoot!


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